Friday, November 2, 2012 new and improved?

So far I'm finding the new site a little confusing and muddled. I like the visual look of it, but I'm constantly clicking on links and menus to find something simple. I think that if I click on "badges" that there should appear a huge grouping of all badges I can earn...not a chase through the rabbit hole to unearth them here and there. When websites get too hidden, people stop surfing and go only to what they know. I think for the most interest, it should flow smoothly and things should be detailed into their areas. If I click on "badges", I should be able to access any badge that I could work on earning. If I click on "profile" a new menu should foremost be visible that only pertains to my profile needs. I don't want to click on extra stuff to seek out badges or adjust my profile. Again, I love the simple visual look...although I would think something involving style and fashion would have bold colors and some movement to pages. I enjoy the program though, give it a try!

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